quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010


I do not live,

living someone elses life...

Breathing an air that is not my own,

Whispering wind and touching sand,

Feeling misunderstood and unhappy,

Having all the reasons to feel the exact opposite...

Whats more to life? Is this it?

Clueless pain, not wanting to be here,

but being cus thats the right thing,

thats my riddle...

Having too many options,

But not relying on any...

By Leena

segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010

The unthinkable search

Search for the light,

Search for forgiveness, of what I cant say,

of the secrets that my heart holds so dearly...

Searching for something, that I dont know what it is...

longing for the rain that wont fall, so I can drown my own tears,

search to put an end to this vicious circle were in.

What is a search? Do we ever end it?

Am I alone in this search,

is there anybody that can explain this sorrow...

Surely you think the unthinkable of me!

Thoughts the reason we dream for and at the same time, die for...

The search will always continue,

until the day my soul spoils herself of lies,

and becomes the truth within the lie we've all created.

Signed: Me...

domingo, 6 de junho de 2010


Proof of existence,
I need it, to find myself...

Proof of what we cant explain,
of what we dont know or belong!

I need Proof,
that love exists and its as immortal as we are?

I want Proof,
that life is not this bitter,
and that the sun wont fall....

I desire Proof..
I long to prove that I am here for something,
or at least someone...

Proof that we wont be alone for the rest of our days,
that I wont die without feeling that Ive conquered,
everything and anything that really matters in life...

I need YOU to tell me,
that theres Proof to this vain existence!!

Signed: Me...

See you....

See you soon Dearest one,
When the skie is no longer ours,
And the lights are blur.

See you whenever I see you,
I will understand this when I dont need to,
no need to give importance to something so vague,

I can see you whenever I want, so close...
just by closing my eyes,
I can touch you, hug you and feel you!

Knowing that your there,
and that you miss me as much as I do,
gives me the confort to say,
see you whenever we can,
but I know it will be,

Signed: Me...